Why I Started IGM Digital


The Back Story

IGM digital has been enjoying great success recently but the road to success wasn’t as straight as it seems now. I had to go through a lot of tough times and take some really difficult decisions in order to reach this point.

As the founder of IGM Digital, I had to work really hard and tirelessly in order to make my business a success. I always had a passion for digital marketing. It always seemed like something I would be good at. I had a clear direction from the start. I knew where I was and where I wanted to be. The hurdles in my path could only be removed through hard work and determination. I remained loyal to my goal and stayed determined.

This is how I was able to found IGM Digital in 2017.

Why Did We Choose E-Commerce and Fashion

When I thought about founding a digital marketing firm, the next question I asked myself was regarding the type of digital marketing I wanted to do. I got advice and guidance from a lot of other experienced people in the industry. I was told to start a generic digital marketing firm as that could help attract customers from all different fields and walks of life. I actually thought it over and found it to be a great option but then I realized that if I was going to provide generic services like all other digital marketing brands then how am I going to make my brand stand out. This is when it struck me. I thought of my other passions that I could join with my first passion of digital marketing. The two things that came to my mind were fashion and ecommerce. I am a strong believer of the idea that fashion can help us perform better in life. It can boost our self esteem and make us feel more confident.

E Commerce is another field I am very keen about. Digital marketing is very closely related to ecommerce so I have a great interest in the field. This is why I choose these two fields for providing my digital marketing services.

I had experience, motivation and interest in these fields which made it easy and comfortable for me to work in these respective areas. I thought that it was not a good business idea to have a generic digital marketing firm that caters to everyone. Every person and company has some expertise that should be highlighted. I did not want my company to be like all other generic companies in the market.

This is why our tagline is “merging technology with imagination”. I wanted to be different and create a unique position for my brand in the market. This is why I only chose the fields that I had expertise in.

IGM Digital Today IGM Digital has grown a lot since its inception. We have seen a lot of good moments, happy customers and an amazing run so far. We have turned from a small company to a leading digital marketing firm in the industry.

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