Brand Of The Month

Our #BrandOfTheMonth for January is Marram Co, the luxury men’s grooming brand bringing pleasure to shaving.

Providing beautifully designed shaving tools and deluxe creams, Marram Co want to change the way men feel about shaving and the way they actually shave forever!

We love the fact that Marram offer a personalised experience with a range of 8 different shaving creams to ”Match your Mood.” So whether you’re in dire need of a wake-up-call in the morning or you want to feel like a smooth dude on your night out, they have a cream just for you! Even better, they’re all natural, made with only organic essential oils and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Oh, and we can’t forget… they smell absolutely incredible!

The Irish brand looks at purity of tone, contrast of materials and surfaces, staying true to what is important to providing a personal and emotional experience of real value. Their tools are inspired by thoughtfully made functional objects such as the ergonomic sculpting of the handles on a pair of tailor’s scissors or the simplicity of a Japanese tea set.

Our client Marram Co is no doubt paving the way for more personalised, luxury shaving experiences and we look forward to seeing what they create next.

Check out their full range here