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Funnel Build

The IGM team map out your funnel strategy, based on your audience, price point and objectives. Once we’ve done this, we create personas, hooks and offers, and build your creative for you. Then we put these through their paces, using a tried and tested process, called “rapid-fire testing” and optimise accordingly.


Our main goal is to get you to a positive ROI within the 6 week testing period (positive being 400% ROI) whilst slowly increase ad spend budget with a walk before you can run approach.

Ad Management

Once we have enough data, we start optimising every aspect of your funnel through hypothesis testing and scale your ad campaign when we see a stable performance that meet your KPIs.


We have an in-house app built that enables us to set safety nets that limits budget wastage and increase performing campaigns – effectively ensuring maximised results with 24/7 management.


IGM reports with clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You will get access to our in house dashboard that gives you access to our bitesize data platform – it’s easy to read and very analytical.


You will be set up with a Slack channel or we can join yours. We have a weekly strategy call, we will review the previous week and plan for the week ahead. Our CEO & Founder – Jack Whiting will meet with you on a monthly basis to review your account and plan the next growth strategy.

Web Design & Print Design

We can cater to your needs by providing our intel on Brand strategy and DNA, Marketing Concepts, Branding, Creative Direction, Design, 3D design, Development and Sourcing in the Apparel, Footwear and E-commerce sectors.

Social Media Management

IGM is the leading dedicated Fashion & E-commerce, specialising in social media, digital content and influencer marketing. We deliver sparkling social media strategy, flawless copywriting, beautiful content and more to some seriously wonderful brands.

Web Development

We combine our love of good design and passion for coding to build websites that create an impact. Our web design and development teams work closely to build unique websites that give equal priority to aesthetic and functionality. Whatever your business, our web services deliver beautifully designed, user-friendly websites that will attract users and generate leads.

Paid Media & PPC

We can take on all aspects of your paid media activity, from researching carefully and setting up campaigns and feeds, to optimising your activity as it runs, making sure that your budget is being spent on the most effective areas, for maximum return. We deliver in-depth reporting on all paid media activity, making summarising for stakeholders a straightforward process. You can see exactly where your budget is going and how campaigns are performing. We also offer a 400% ROI guarantee per month.